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The Theory Test

It is a requirement of the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) that an L.G.V. test candidate has passed the relevant theory test before they can take the practical test.

If you are taking the driver CPC course alongside your LGV/HGV licence then you will need to apply for, and pass two separate theory tests. The first will be for your category C licence, which will include the hazard perception test and the multiple choice test - just like your car theory test! The second will also be a multiple choice test, but this one will involve reading case studies and choosing the best option in that scenario.

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Option A) Study Online

You can use an online study option that allows you to log in whenever you have a few moments from any device to study for the theory and hazard perception tests. The cost of this option is £18.00 for the theory and hazard perception and £18.00 for the Driver CPC case studies and I will send you your log in details.

You can study for both the LGV/HGV theory test and the CPC theory test on Driving Theory 4 All.

Option B) Study from a book

Study for your HGV theory test:

For the Licence Acquisition theory and Hazard Perception tests, we recommend the following publications as superb study aids:

Do you plan to drive a HGV commercially?

If you have passed your car driving test after 1st of January 1997 and this is your first LGV licence and you intend to use your LGV driving licence professionally, you will need to take the Driver CPC Case Studies theory test (module 2). For this, you will need to study:

Hurry, hurry, hurry and get the theory test passed and under your belt!

Remember - No theory test = No practical test!