Book your no obligation Driver Assessment with Ian Markwick in Nottingham

My driver trial session only costs £40 for 1-2 hours behind the wheel

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What to expect from your 1-2 hour driving assessment

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    Get in the driving seat almost immediately.

    Your instructor will give a demonstration drive and then it's your turn behind the wheel. The route will start in a quiet area and as long as you are doing well, will continue taking in single carriageways, dual carriageways and built up areas.

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    I recommend how long you need to train for.

    I will be able to assess your driving and recommend the correct amount of training to you before you commit you and your money to a "set duration" practical training course.

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    The cost of your course depends on the amount of training you need.

    The cost of the practical training will depend on how much training you actually have. This is also an ideal opportunity to iron out any points regarding the Theory Tests that may seem unclear.

  • You get 1-2 hours behind the wheel

  • Conveniently takes place at weekends

  • Only costs £40

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