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Want to know what to do once you've passed your driver CPC?

What is CPC driver training and do you need it?

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The Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) has been introduced to maintain high driving standards and improve road safety. You need a driver CPC if...

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    You are a professional lorry, bus and coach drivers, and want to drive for a living.

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    You passed your car test after 1st of January 1997 and want to drive commercially.

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    You haven't passed any LGV category C tests before 10th of September 2009 and want to drive commercially.

All drivers that already hold a category C1, C1E, C or CE licence passed or acquired before those dates will have this qualification under "Acquired Rights", however, they will still need to have kept this entitlement up to date with Driver CPC Periodic Training.

When you don't need a CPC qualification

There are exemptions from the driver CPC qualification for drivers of vehicles:

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    Used for non-commercial carriage of passengers or goods, for personal use.

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    Undergoing road tests for technical development, repair or maintenance purpose, or a new or rebuilt vehicle not yet put into service.

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    Used in the course of driving lessons for any person wishing to obtain a driving licence or Driver CPC.

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    Carrying material or equipment to be used by the driver in the course of his or her work, providing that driving the vehicle does not constitute the driver's principal activity.

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    With a maximum authorised speed not including 45km/h.

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    Used by or under the control of the armed forces, civil defence, the fire service, and forces responsible for maintaining public order.

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    Used in states of emergency or assigned to rescue missions.

The good news is, book an LGV/ HGV course with me and I cover your Driver CPC during the course!

What does driver CPC training cover?

To become an LGV driver and initially gain the Driver CPC a new driver must pass the following 4 modules:

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    Case study questions and answers

    You can book your module 2 Driver CPC case studies theory test at

    A superb study aid for the module 2 Case Studies theory test is the online study option that allows you to log in whenever you have a few moments from any device to study for the Driver CPC Case Studies test. The cost of this option is £18.00 and I will send you your log in details. Or you can study from "The Official Guide to Driving Goods Vehicles" (ISBN9780115530825), which is available online or at good bookshops. 

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    Practical Course

    If the module 4 CPC test is being taken on its own and not as part of a driver training course, then a two-hour training session is arranged and this can be on a Saturday. The training course will cover all that you will need to know to pass your Driver CPC practical test and you will be given course notes for you to refer back to prior to your test. The test is booked for as early in the following week as possible and is taken at the DVSA’s Test Station at Watnall in Nottingham.

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    Practical Demonstration Test

    The module 4 CPC test does not actually require you to drive an LGV but you do need to have either the category C or C+E vehicle with you to demonstrate your answers on. Hence, it can feasibly be taken before the practical driving test as long as the Case studies Theory test (module 2) has been passed. However, we recommend that the practical CPC training and driving courses are taken together as the contents of each course compliment the others.

    During the 30 minute Driver CPC Module 4 practical test you will be expected to explain and demonstrate how you would deal with certain situations regarding:

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    Loading the vehicle and proper vehicle use
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    Security of the vehicle and contents
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    Prevention of criminality and trafficking
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    Ability to assess emergency situations
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    Ability to prevent physical risk
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Stay up to date with CPC Periodic Training

We are now accredited to deliver Driver CPC Periodic Training. If you already have your Driver CPC entitlement, you can have two of your practical driver training days uploaded as Driver CPC Periodic Training. These will count as fourteen of the thirty-five hours that need to be had before the end of your next five year Driver CPC period. This option will save you time and probably money over the next five years.

If you passed your car test before 1st of January 1997:

Unfortunately, our 5 years of acquired rights to drive an LGV/HGV commercially are now over. This means that you will have to do periodic training to be able to drive commercially again. Or you take the practical test and CPC qualification, which works out cheaper for you - Ian Markwick offer both!

What happens once I've passed?

After you have passed both Driver CPC tests, you will be sent a Drivers Qualification Card (DQC). There is no charge for the card at the point of issue and you must carry your card with you at all times when driving commercially.

Your card will last for five years and then you'll need to complete top-up training.

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Don't fancy sitting in a classroom for your periodic training? We can offer periodic training in the lorry!