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Add the Car and Trailer category to your licence - tow everything from a caravan to a horse box!

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What you're entitled to drive

If you passed your car test before 01.01.1997, then you got entitlement to drive the following vehicles:

  • Blue tick icon

    Any motor vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes (at the age of eighteen, entitlement to drive a small lorry up to 7.5 tonnes with a trailer combination not exceeding 8.25 tonnes was automatically added).

  • Red tick icon

    Tow any trailer behind the motor vehicle (as long as the trailer doesn’t exceed the maximum towing capacity of the tow vehicle).

  • Blue tick icon

    A minibus up to 16 seats plus driver, towing any trailer. This entitlement was for private use, clubs or schools but “Not for Hire or Reward”

What you can drive with a category B+E licence

Here are the most popular things that people tow once they've passed!

  • Caravan icon

    A caravan

  • Horse icon

    A horsebox

  • Digger icon

    A large trailer

    These can be used to transport everything from diggers to materials!

Train in the comfort of your own vehicle!

If you passed your car test after 01.01.1997, you are limited to tow a trailer up to 750kgs or the combined MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) of your tow vehicle and trailer cannot exceed 3.5 tonnes. To tow heavier trailers or combinations, then you will need category B+E on your licence.

This training is done using trainees own vehicles and trailers, so you will be perfectly familiar with the combination once you have passed your test.

As long as you have experience of and can accurately reverse a trailer, then a two-day training course, with the test on the third day will be recommended. If you are not competent at reversing a trailer, then reversing practice is arranged for a Saturday to get that skill perfected prior to the two-day training course with the test on the third day.

To be able to use your vehicle for the test...

Horse box

Your vehicle must:

  • Be taxed
  • Be insured for a driving test (check with your insurance company)
  • Be roadworthy and have a current MOT (if it’s over 3 years old)
  • Have no warning lights showing, for example, the airbag warning light
  • Have no tyre damage and the legal tread depth on each tyre
  • Be smoke-free - this means you can’t smoke in it just before or during the test
  • Be able to reach at least 62mph and have an mph speedometer
  • Have 4 wheels and a maximum authorised mass (MAM -The limit on how much the car can weigh when it’s loaded. It’ll be in the car’s handbook.) of no more than 3,500kg
  • extra mirrors mounted onto the wing mirrors on both the passenger and driver side (for the examiner to use)
  • L-plates (‘L’ or ‘D’ plates in Wales) on the front of the car and rear of the trailer
  • A passenger seatbelt for the examiner and a proper passenger head restraint (not a slip-on type)

Your trailer must:

  • Be a closed box body, such as a horse box, “Towavan”, covered car transporter or tipper trailer with a sheeted cage body.
  • Be around the same width and height as the car - you must only be able to see to the rear by using external mirrors, and not through the rear window
  • Have a maximum authorised mass (MAM - the limit on how much the trailer can weigh when it’s loaded.) of at least 1,000kg - you need proof to show the examiner, for example, the manufacturer’s plate
  • Carry a load of at least 600kg. The combined weight of the trailer and load must be at least 800kg.

Don't worry about the load - Ian's got it covered!